HB65 ENDS Concerns

Mar 14, 2024Nader Kasem

Dear Representative [NAME}

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my deep concerns about House Bill 65 (HB65), which pertains to the regulation of the retail sale of certain tobacco products and electronic nicotine delivery systems. While I understand the intention behind the bill is to control and reduce the use of these products to Minors, I am worried about the unintended consequences it may have, particularly the creation of a black market, Monopolizing an Industry and curbing innovation. Ultimately people who loose on this bill is the general public. 

The implementation of the directory could be used to monopolize the market. The barriers of entry in this industry needs to have a free market with government oversight. A risk of driving the sale and distribution of affected products underground. This not only makes it more difficult to regulate and ensure the safety of these products but also can lead to increased criminal activity. A black market for tobacco products and electronic nicotine delivery systems could undermine the very goals HB65 aims to achieve by making these products more accessible, without any regulatory oversight.

I urge you to consider these potential outcomes carefully. While the regulation of  ENDS is a commendable goal, it is crucial to approach such measures in a manner that does not create unintended negative consequences. Products' such as open end system and E-liquid manufactured in the united states would be much easier to have oversight, but with oversight we also have the potential to create a monopoly in the market by having a high level of entry that creates a barrier for smaller businesses. I encourage you to seek alternative solutions that address the public health concerns associated with tobacco and nicotine products without inadvertently fostering a black market. Curbing underage use is a priority on this bill that we all encourage.  






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